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Hong Kong Idea 2007

Lunchtime Stories--Tales from Across the globe 2007


A group of nineteen MA (Drama and Theatre Education) students attended the 6th World Congress of International Drama/Theatre and Education Association(IDEA) in Hong Kong and presented 'Lunchtime Stories--Tales From Across the Globe' from 17th to 21st July, 2007. The stories told include 'Monkey King', 'Three Little Wolves and a Big Bad Pig', 'Two Sisters', and 'Sweetheart Roland', and 'Mulan' which were created as part of 'The Role of Story in Drama and Theatre Education' module. We were introduced to the principles and strategies for dramatizing and performing traditional tales. We examined the nature of dramatic narrative; physicality and performance; our relationship to the material, the representation of symbols, the values and meanings that lie hidden within the narratives of myths, folk and fairy tales drawn from different regions of the world. Although the stories are told primarily in English, we had found a way of including their own voices within the different stories. 




Jeffrey Tan

(Lunchtime Stories Coordinator)