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Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN)

The Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN) is a Christian network of churches and other organisations inspired by the story of Coventry cathedral and its commitment to reconciliation work. The original cross of nails was made from three large medieval nails salvaged from the ruins of the cathedral after the bombing on 14 November 1940. It is now part of the High Altar Cross in the Cathedral.

CCN is committed to:

  • healing the wounds of history
  • learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity
  • building a culture of peace

The CCN consists of nearly 250 organisations worldwide which are committed to one or more of these principles: these are mostly churches, but other Christian organisations are members - colleges, charitable and welfare organisations, many schools - also two prisons. Germany has over 70 CCN partners; the rest are spread across the world, especially in Europe, North America and Africa. The community grows by about 12 organisations per year. Peace and reconciliation are not, of course, exclusively Christian aims and there is a sister organisation Together for Hope which is open to partners of other, or no, faith.

The international Cross of Nails Schools network (ICONS) joins together over 50 schools from around the world, most based in UK but some overseas, Germany and South Africa in particular. These schools have a commitment to reconciliation work a focus on supporting school students in developing their skills. ICONS have produced resources for schools around peace and reconciliation.

More details on CCN in Coventry here:

Details on the close connection with Dresden here.