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Programme 2003


1st Annual Student Conference on Forced Migration

Oxford, St. Anne’s College

22 February 2003

In response to the growing number of students working in the field of Forced Migration, this conference represents a first effort in creating a forum for current students to share their research and experience with their peers. Students from universities throughout the UK have come together to drive this initiative, which we hope will become an annual fixture in Forced Migration studies.

8-9:30 Registration

9:30 Welcome:

Katia Amore (CRER-University of Warwick),

Jeannine W. Brown (ICAR-UNHCR and U. East London), Drew Leyburne (RSC-

University of Oxford), Eden Taddese (U. East London),

Priyanca Mathur Velath (RSC-University of Oxford)

10:00 Panel I:

Emerging Asylum Policy: European and Global Perspectives

Introduction by Katia Amore (CRER-University of Warwick)

Elane Heffernan (University of East London)

“Refugee rights in the 21st Century—racism and resistance within fortress Europe”

James Milner (RSC-University of Oxford)

“Resettlement: rediscovering the lost solution”

Marat Kengerli (The Queen’ s University of Belfast)

“Eastwards Enlargement of ‘Europe’ and Restrictions on Immigration and

Asylum Policies”

Ulrike Hill (CRER-University of Warwick)

“From Settlement to Integration - A Social Domains Approach to Refugee

Policy in Germany and Britain”

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00 Panel II:

Debating Different Faces of the Integration Process

Introduction by Priyanca Mathur Velath (RSC-University of Oxford)

Philip Brown (University of Huddersfield)

“Asylum in the UK – A phenomenological approach to acculturation”

Hannah Lewis (University of Hull)

“Community-building in asylum-seeker/ refugee dispersal sites in the UK”

Emma Stewart (University of Dundee)

“A Bitter Pill to Swallow - Obstacles Facing Refugee Doctors in the UK”

1:30 Lunch

2:30 Panel III

Representing Refugees:? Creating the “Other”

Introduction by Drew Leyburne (RSC- University of Oxford)

Nigel Danby (Goldsmiths College, London)

“Stranger than Others?”

Patricia Hynes (Middlesex University)

“Experts in Their Own Environments? The Issue of Trust and

Considerations for Researchers”

Nissa Finney (University of Wales)

“Dispersal of asylum seekers: public attitudes and press portrayals around

the UK”

Lucy Nabijou (Bijou Films)

(Director of “My Life as a Refugee” film projection)

“A Moving Image? Possibilities and Limitations for the Representation of

Refugees in British Television Documentary”

4:00 Coffee Break

4:30 Panel IV

Exploring the Landscape of Refugee Women's Experience

Introduction by Jeannine W. Brown (UEL and ICAR-UNHCR)

Leah Bassel (RSC-University of Oxford)

“The Agency of Refugee Women: The Case of France and Canada”

Lisa Hunt (University of Leeds)

“Women asylum seekers and refugees in West Yorkshire: Opportunities,

constraints and the role of agency”

Jenna Shearer Demir (University of Pavia)

“Trafficking of Women for Sexual Exploitation: A Gender-based well founded

fear? An examination of refugee status determination for trafficked prostituted

women from CEE/CIS countries to Western Europe”

6:00 Conclusion and discussion:

The Future of the Student Conference on Forced Migration


The poster session provides an opportunity for those not presenting in the panels to informally discuss their paper.


Ekuru Aukot ( University of Warwick)

“A Conspiracy of Silence? Critical Fieldwork memoirs on ‘stakeholders’ Work in Refugee Protection in Kenya”

Judith Sunderland (University of East London)

“This is Home Now” – The Creation of Social Support Networks by HIV Positive

asylum seeking and other migrant women in London.

Helen Taylor (University of East London)

“Which ‘we’? The challenged and challenging identities of Cypriot refugees in London”

Venue: St Anne's College Oxford

Woodstock Road



t +44 (0) 1865 274800