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Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations

Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER) closed on 30th September 2011. These pages act as a record of the activity of the Centre. Here can also be found links to CRER publications and to some of the current activities of the former staff of the Centre.

CRER was originally founded at Bristol University in 1970, moved to Aston University in 1978 and to the University of Warwick in 1984. The Centre had six Directors: Michael Banton (1970-78), John Rex (1978-84), Robin Cohen (1984-90), Muuhammad Anwar (1990-93), Zig Layton-Hentry (1993-98) and Daniele Joly (1998-2011). CRER was at the forefront of research into the experience of people from minority ethnic groups in the UK and Western Europe. Its research agenda encompassed the processes of racial discrimination, issues of citizenship, political participation, cultural identity, refugees, ethnic mobilisation and nationalism.

The Centre placed great emphasis on the dissemination of research findings, both to the academic community and the wider world. During the period of ESRC funding at Warwick (1984 to 1998) it produced a large number of pamphlets and monographs, most of which can be accessed on-line by clicking on 'publications'.

Through its teaching, training, conferences, seminars, workshops and publications, CRER aimed to promote a better knowledge and understanding of the processes which impact upon ethnic minorities. Many graduates of the Centre's MA in Race and Ethnic Relations and PhD programmes have achieved influential positions in central and local government and the private sector.

The Centre was committed to the promotion of equal opportunities and social justice, and to challenging all forms of racism and discrimination.

News items

The book "Muslim Women and Power: Political and Civic Engagement in West European Societies" authored by Professor Danièle Joly (Collège d'Études Mondiales, MSH Paris) and Dr Khursheed Wadia (University of Warwick) won the Political Studies Association UK WJM Mackenzie prize for "The best book in political science" of 2017-2018. The prize was presented on 16th April 2019, at the PSA's Annual Conference in Nottingham by PSA Chair Professor Angelia Wilson. Further details

Sad News

Professor John Oucho, who was Marie Curie Chair at CRER during 2007-2010, died suddenly at his home in Nairobi on Friday August 4th 2017. Please send any messages of condolence to his daughter Linda Oucho (