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CAGE Summer School

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CAGE Summer School

Firms and Household Enterprises in Developing Countries

12th - 16th July 2010, University of Warwick
Convenors: Prof Chris Woodruff and Dr Anandi Mani

Supported by The Insitute of Advanced Study, the Department of Economics, CAGE: Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy and the International Growth Centre. 

What did it address?

While social development has long been the subject of extensive research, work on firms in developing countries has been more sparse. With the advent of new data sources and new methods, there has been a surge in firm-related research in recent years but there are many unresolved issues.

What did it include?

The Summer School examined current approaches to studying firms in developing countries and will include the following sessions:

  • Field experiments in firms led by Prof Chris Woodruff
  • Lab experiments in firms and households led by Dr Anandi Mani
  • Natural Experiements and Surveys led by Dr Rocco Macchiavello
  • Estimating production functions led by Dr Dan Ackerberg (TBC)
  • Networks led by Prof Asim Khwaja (TBC)
  • Censuses and other large datasets led by Prof Eric Bartelsman

Along with presentations by seminar participants.

A full programme can be downloaded here

For presentations from the various sessions, please click here.

The Summer School concluded with a Conference organised in conjuction with The International Growth Centre's Firm Capabilities Research Group and speakers included: Dr Nick Bloom (Stanford), Dr Amit Khandelwal (Columbia), Prof Asim Khwaja (Harvard), Dr Paula Bustos (CREI, Barcelona) and Dr Rocco Machiavello (Warwick)