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Are 'happy' workers more productive?

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Are 'happy' workers more productive?

 Dr Daniel Sgroi, Associate Professor of Economics and Dr Eugenio Proto, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Warwick

Do we work more when we're happy? Can that happiness be created as a means to higher productivity?

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Happiness and productivity: Understanding the happy-productive worker (pdf)

Lunch time discussion to launch the new briefing paper by CAGE academics, Dr Daniel Sgroi and Dr Eugenio Proto: Happiness and Productivity: Understanding the Happy-Productive Worker.’ This event was held in association with the Social Market Foundation. Dr Sgroi and Dr Proto set out the evidence that well-being boosts performance, while lower happiness as a result of major real-world shocks, such as bereavement and family illness, is systematically associated with lower productivity.

They went on to discuss the implications of this work; how employers and policy makers could help to create these productivity gains and what safeguards might be needed.

This briefing paper is the fourth paper in our Global Perspectives Series, a new collaboration between the Centre on Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy and the Social Market Foundation.

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