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International survey on Coronavirus

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International survey on Coronavirus

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CAGE Theme Leaders Thiemo Fetzer and Christopher Roth are leading an international team of researchers from 12 different institutions, including Harvard, Cambridge, IESE, and Warwick University to understand how citizens are preparing for and coping with the spreading coronavirus.

As governments across the world implement measures to contain and slow down the spread of COVID-19, understanding how people perceive these policies, and how they comply with them, will be crucial for governments to effectively contain the outbreak.

So far, there has been no assessment of how individuals perceive the current situation and how they are behaving in response to it. This international survey aims to compile new data to enable governments, journalists and the general public to understand public response to Coronavirus.

The survey is available in 75 languages and so far over 108,000 people from 150 countries have participated. Preliminary data is already publicly available. Early findings demonstrate citizens’ perceptions of government response, government truthfulness and public reaction to containment measures.

Figure 1: Share of respondents in a country stating that they perceive the government's reaction is sufficient.

Public perception of government response map

Map presents share of respondents in a country stating that they perceive the government's reaction is insufficient. Based on data collected between March 20th and March 30th. All averages are weighted by country-population age and gender. Sample includes countries that have at least 200 observations. Data from Caria, Fetzer, Fiorin, Goetz, Gomez, Haushofer, Hensel, Ivchenko, Jachimowicz, Kraft-Todd, Reutskaja, Roth, Witte, Yoeli (2020).

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Thiemo Fetzer, Lukas Hensel, Johannes Hermle, Christopher Roth (2020) Coronavirus Perceptions And Economic Anxiety, working paper

Coronavirus fears increase economic anxieties, researchers find (March 2020), Press Release

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