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The Years of Hunger

R.W. Davies and S.G. Wheatcroft, The Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture, 1931-1933. Volume 5 of The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia. Basingstoke (England) and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. ISBN 0333311078.

Supplementary Tables

The following supplementary tables were uploaded on 25 February 2004:

The weather data for various regions will be made available later.

The following groups of regions are used in the tables on registered excess deaths and on grain yield in 1932:

  • Northern Consumer Region (NCR): the northern grain-deficit region:
    North-west, includes Leningrad, and Karelian ASSR
    Central Industrial (CIR), includes Moscow, Ivanovo, Nizhnii-Novgorod (Gor’kii)
    Belorussian SSR
  • Southern Consumer Region (SCR):
    Central Asia
  • Southern Producer Region (SPR): the southern grain-surplus region:
    North Caucasus
  • Central Producer Region (CPR):
    Central Black-Earth (CBE)
    Lower Volga
    Central Volga
    Bashkir ASSR
    Tatar ASSR
  • Eastern Producer Region (EPR):
    Siberia, E. and W.
    Far East (FER)
    Kazakhstan (if available)