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Abram Bergson Memorial Conference

Performance and Efficiency in the USSR: New Measurements and the Bergson Legacy

Sponsored by the Davis Center for Russian & Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, and The International Economics Program, University of Houston.

Program and Photographs: November 23 and 24, 2003 [updated November 17].

Robert Allen
Oxford University
Paper: A Reassessment of the Soviet Industrial Revolution.

Eugenia Belova
Yale University
Paper: Legal Contract Enforcement in the Soviet Economy.

Leonid Borodkin and Simon Ertz
Moscow State University and Free University Berlin
Paper: Compensation Versus Coercion in the Soviet GULAG.

Elizabeth Brainerd
Williams College
Paper: Reassessing the Standard of Living in the Soviet Union:An Analysis Using Archival and Anthropometric Data.

Irwin Collier
Free University Berlin
Paper: The "Welfare" Standard and Soviet Consumers.

R.W. Davies
University of Birimgham
Paper: Closing the "Bergson Gap": New Data on a Problem in Soviet Statistics.

Padma Desai
Columbia University
Paper: Abram Bergson: A Tribute

Simon Ertz
Free University Berlin
Paper: Trading Effort For Freedom: Workday Credits in the Soviet Camp System [updated 4 March 2004].

Paul Gregory
University of Houston
Paper: Bergson's Basic Hypothesis and the Soviet Archives: Insights from the Political Economy of Stalinism.

Mark Harrison
University of Warwick
Paper: Command and Collapse: the Fundamental Problem of Command in a Partially Centralized Economy.

John Hardt
Library of Congress
Paper: Abram Bergson's Legacy, 1904-2003 [updated November 17].

Mark Kramer
Davis Center, Harvard University
Paper: Russia and the Disintegration of the Soviet Financial System.

Valentin Kudrov
Russian Academy of Sciences
Paper: American Sovietology and the Soviet Economy [updated November 14].

Valery Lazarev
Yale University
Paper: Promotion Contracts and Support for the Soviet Regime.

Herbert Levine
University of Pennsylvania

Andrei Markevich and Paul Gregory
Moscow University and University of Houston
Paper: Soviet Planning Archives: The Files That Bergson Could Not See.

James Millar
George Washington University
Paper: Bergson: the Young Scholar.

Steven Rosefielde
University of North Carolina
Paper: Tea Leaves & Productivity: Bergsonian Norms for Gauging the Soviet Future.

Barney Schwalberg
Brandeis University

Andrei Sokolov
Russian Academy of Sciences
Paper: Before Stalinism: the Defense Industry of Soviet Russia in the 1920s.