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Conference on "Stalin's Politburo"

Last updated 30 October 2001

The European University Institute, Florence (29 to 31 March 2000)
  • Belova, Eugenia (University of Houston), "Gosplan and the Politburo"
  • Davies, R.W. (University of Birmingham) and Khlevnyuk, Oleg (GARF, Moscow), "The Politburo and the Stakhanovite movement"
  • Gorlizki, Yoram (University of Manchester), "The Politburo in the late Stalin era, 1948-1953"
  • Lazarev, Valery (University of Houston), "The Politburo and resource allocation: a case study"
  • Rees, E.A. (EUI, Florence), "Republican and regional influences on decision-making in the 1930s"
  • Samuelson, Lennart (Stockholm), "The Politburo and the Soviet military industrial complex"
  • Vasiliev, Valery (Vinnitsa Pedagogical Institute), "The Ukrainian Politburo in the 1930s"
  • Watson, Derek (University of Birmingham), "The Politburo and the shaping of Soviet foreign policy, 1930-1941"
  • Wheatcroft, Stephen (University of Melbourne), "The private meetings in Stalin's Kremlin Office, 1930-1953"

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