Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Degrees of Advantage? A longer-term investigation of the careers of UK graduates

The Futuretrack longitudinal research has been tracking the cohort of students who applied to university in 2005/2006, most of whom graduated in 2009/10. The fifth stage of the study was a survey conducted in summer and early autumn 2019, followed by 200 detailed telephone interviews conducted from September 2019-early January 2020. The data collected has been analysed and a report written and submitted to the Advisory Group and the Nuffield Foundation, which funded that stage of the research, and the report is scheduled to be published shortly.

However, as the team were analysing the data, the Covid-19 pandemic struck. We realised that many of the plans and aspirations outlined by many Futuretrack respondents in 2019 may have been disrupted, and our findings would provide at best a rather partial and potentially outdated account of their career outcomes and future opportunities. It is an extraordinary situation, with huge policy implications.

We are delighted that the Nuffield Foundation agreed to fund an additional ‘updating’ research exercise, to enable us to go back to the respondents with a brief online enquiry followed by a short survey to investigate the impact of the Covid restrictions and the evolving recession on their employment security and perceptions of their future options. This is now in progress.

The Futuretrack Covid-19 Online 15 Minute Follow-up Enquiry is now live!

In September, members of Futuretrack cohort received an email asking three simple questions, regarding the impact on work and life more generally of the Covid-19 restrictions and its subsequent socio-economic effects.

On the basis of their responses we have now designed an online 15 minute questionnaire asking for a little more detail and a link is now being sent to all Futuretrack Stage 5 participants. We are also interviewing 20 Futuretrack respondents, selected to illustrate the key Covid-19 career impacts that have been reported.

If you are a member of the Futuretrack cohort and do NOT hear from us, please email, giving us your name and current email address and we will send you a copy of the email you should have received.

Aims for Futuretrack Stage 5

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