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Stage 1


Stage 1

Choices, funding and expectations: applying to higher education

The key findings were that motivations to enter higher education and access to information had a clear impact on the likelihood of respondents making a successful application and embarking on a suitable course. The findings also revealed that most students were broadly happy with their academic experience, but that finances and the need to undertake paid employment were a continuing concern. Wide discrepancies were shown, however, in both students’ experience of the HE process and the resources available to them, and the extent to which they had access to and were able to take advantage of extra-curricular opportunities that being a full-time student provides. There was also evidence that students were not making full use of the careers services available to them. A high proportion of those who did not proceed into higher education or who subsequently left intended to re-enter HE within the next three years.

(PDF Document) Stage 1 Summary 2008.

(PDF Document) Stage 1 Report: Applying for Higher Education - the diversity of career choices, plans and expectations - Data collected in the summer and autumn of 2006.

(PDF Document) Northern Ireland's Students: Key Findings from the Futuretrack Stage 1 Survey.