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Race and ethnicity

Here you will find links to a range of resources about different dimensions of inequalities based on ethnicity. This is a major topic and we have produced a tailored NGRF resource on Race, Ethnicity and the Labour Market (Bimrose and Brown, 2011) plus some possible lines of investigation you may wish to pursue.

You may also wish to use the LMI Future Trends section of this website, which is organised under various sectors. Each includes a section dedicated to equal opportunities issues, and where available this incorporates data on gender. You are encouraged to visit and use the resources available: for example: equal opportunities issues in relation to employment in the education, libraries and information sector.

In Race, Ethnicity and the Labour Market (Bimrose and Brown, 2011) you will find materials relating to the broader context of understanding inequalities based on race and ethnicity, their implications for practice, together with a more extended listing of relevant resources. The material outlined below are just offering some ways you might like to start examining issues relating to inequalities based on race and ethnicity.

Some Web Resources for pursuing possible lines of investigation on inequalities based on ethnicity