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Assessing guidance

In an age of increasing accountability the ability to assess the impact of guidance has become a priority. Here you will find discussions and resources that relate to this issue.

Increased pressure to justify investment in guidance has heightened awareness of the need for a firm evidence-base for practice. However, there remains a measure of uncertainty about how to capture and communicate that evidence. It is recognised that the guidance community needs to evolve and share new strategies and approaches.

This section of the website aims to:

Examine some challenges associated with measuring guidance outcomes
Explore how we know a good job has been done
Review some existing evidence

Measuring Outcomes

What effect does guidance have? How can we measure it? Why do we need to measure it? These questions are explored through papers, briefings, reviews and discussions. A range of viewpoints are explored, including those of policy makers, practitioners and users of guidance services.

measuring outcomes

Quality and Impact

How do we measure whether a good job is being done and the effect guidance has on individuals? Does quality assurance place too great an emphasis upon policies and procedures and too little on directly assessing and enhancing the impact of services on end-users? This section brings together studies, reports and discussions which explore these questions and relationships.

quality and impact