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Making Guidance More Effective

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The aim of the Making Guidance More Effective section is to provide a range of materials and resource on information, advice and career guidance practice, theory and policy for the careers guidance community.


Resource content

This area contains a range of synopses, links, resources and edited discussions on the subjects of guidance practice, effective guidance and building capacity. Under these broad topics, there are a set of inter-related themes, as follows:

Guidance practice

  • Improving practice – includes a range of practical resources on good practice, theories for practice and influences on current career guidance practice.
  • Learning from others – explores what others are doing in practice and reviews some international perspectives on career guidance.
  • New approaches in guidance – looks at the opportunities and ethical issues for some of the new approaches in career guidance.

Effective guidance:

  • Benefits of guidance – examines the multiple benefits of guidance and highlights research in this area.
  • Assessing guidance – brings together some discussions and resources on the challenges associated with measuring guidance outcomes, and also reviews some existing evidence.
  • Understanding equal opportunities – starts to explore some of the complex issues around equality of opportunity.

Capacity Building:

  • Guidance learning and development – reviews a number of aspects of learning and development.
  • Using research in practice – provides a basic introduction to research approaches and processes.
  • Understanding policy – includes an overview of policy and priorities in career guidance and also examines the relationship between career guidance and policy.