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Collaborating with business

showing researchers looking for opportunities


Professors Paul Grainge and Cathy Johnson are on a mission to help Nottingham’s small businesses community reach new audiences.

Discipline: TV & Media

performing artists with painted faces

A project with Festivals Edinburgh took Dr Jakov Jandric back to his artistic roots.

Discipline: Business

student shaking hands

Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey and Dr Daniel Dauber's benchmarking tool allows universities to measure the effectiveness of the global education they offer.

Discipline: Applied Linguistics

construction tools

Dr Faye Wade donned a hard hat and a high-vis jacket to help the construction industry utilise new technologies and avoid costly mistakes.

Discipline: Sociology

An interdisciplinary industry partnership helped Philosophy Professor, Mark Addis redefine the construction industry’s understanding of expertise. It also set his career in a new direction.

Discipline: Philosophy

data connections in space

Dr Phil Morgan says a three-year secondment with Airbus is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to help shape the next generation of aerospace cyber defences.

Discipline: Cognitive Science

crushed cars on top of each other

A phone call to the Swedish giant laid the foundations for a project which could make manufacturing and construction significantly more climate change-friendly, says Dr Kathi Kaesehage.

Discipline: Business

child and adult together

Teacher turned researcher and education technology entrepreneur, Dr Andrew
Manches believes the academic community must work more with industry to
ensure EdTech lives up to its potential.

Discipline: Education Studies

child holding tray with school dinner on top

A review of UK school meals’ carbon footprint wrote the recipe for a new solution to count the environmental cost of what is on our plates.

Discipline: Business

solider looking at book

Professor Tobias Kelly’s collaboration with National Museums Scotland has shaped his research on Britain’s conscientious objectors and allowed him to share this work with a whole new audience.

Discipline: Social Anthropology

pint of beer

Do the British still think beer is a man's drink? Psychology experts from The University of Nottingham worked with one midlands company find out.

Discipline: Pyschology

someone working at a laptop

The idea for a better way to help students develop fulfilling careers transformed Dr John Miles from Shakespeare researcher to education technology entrepreneur.

Discipline: Humanities

graph depicting rise and fall

An innovative project between Edinburgh researchers and a fintech start-up hopes to democratise wealth management.

Discipline: Business

professional people dancing

Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett is using her performance expertise to help Midlands workers and school children deal with stress and anxiety.

Discipline: Music

person fitting solar panels on roof

A collaboration with Scotland’s largest housing association started Dr Kate Carter on a journey to influence the country’s social housing strategy for the next 20 years.

Discipline: Architecture

shadow of a knight on a horse

Rolling the dice on new creative endeavours had surprising results for Dr Gianluca Raccagni’s research and teaching.

Discipline: History

shadow of person meditating

Collaborating on a new desktop wellness app gave Dr Kasia Banas a valuable outlet to positively impact thousands of workers’ health and wellbeing.

Discipline: Pyschology

building in progress of a house

Remo Pedreschi’s 15-year industry collaboration has led to significant improvements in safety and security in Scottish social housing.

Discipline: Architecture

headphones on top of sheet of music

Dr James Cook and Dr Kenny McAlpine’s collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland connects listeners with history and paves the way for virtual reality performances.

Discipline: Music

people sat in a meeting room around a long table

Dr Malu Villela Garcia is developing a blueprint to put workforces in charge and make companies more inclusive, sustainable and accountable.

Discipline: Economics