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25 January 1995, section bt2-ca1

  • (Colno: Unknown)(Speaker: Mr. Smith)Such comments are not confined to the savings and investment press. A number of academics have reached similar conclusions. A report produced by the SME centre at Warwick university and published by the Government entitled "An Assessment of Firms Located On and Off Science Parks in the United Kingdom" stated:

    25 January 1995, section ck2-cp1

    • (Colno: Unknown)(Speaker: Mr. Stevenson)Despite propaganda about the way that the financial sector has created investment, the scheme has the hallmarks of another expensive and unfounded experiment. My hon. Friends referred to reports that cast serious doubt on the value of tax breaks, including that produced by Warwick university and quoted by my hon. Friend the Member for Oxford, East (Mr. Smith). Such reports cannot be dismissed as irrelevant. They were produced after careful research and consideration, and reached the conclusion that tax relief-based schemes do not deliver the goods.

      02 February 1995, section cm2-cq1

      • (Colno: Unknown)(Speaker: Mr. Hughes)Several hon. Members spoke about short-term contracts for researchers. That is an important point and the research councils, with the OST, are developing a concordat on contract researchers. They will soon be discussing it with the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals, which represents the universities and the employers of contract staff. New initiatives have been introduced and the Royal Society has increased the number of long-term personal fellowships. Warwick university has introduced 50 six-year fellowships.

        27 March 1995, section bn2-br1

        • (Colno: Unknown)(Speaker: Mr. Hague)My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Education's launch letter of guidance to the Higher Education Funding Council drew particular attention to the importance of provision for students with learning difficulties and disabilities and the need for access to higher education for those students to be facilitated. The Further Education Funding Council has demonstrated its commitment to securing effective and coherent provision for students with learning difficulties and disabilities through its committee chaired by John Tomlinson of Warwick university.

          08 June 1995, section af2-am1

          • (Colno: Unknown)(Speaker: The Prime Minister)As for education and other matters, the hon. Member for Warwickshire, North (Mr. O'Brien) will have seen right the way through the period in office of this Government an increase in resources spent on the health service -- a dramatic increase in the health service, another £1.3 billion this year, a huge increase in 1979 in real terms over and above inflation year after year after year after year. In education, it does not matter whether one looks at primary, secondary or further education. That is why in 1979 one in eight of our young adults was getting into university and these days it is pretty nearly one in three as a result of the changes that we have made and the increased resources that we have made available.

            20 October 1995, section bn2-bs1

            • (Colno: Unknown)(Speaker: Mr. Taylor)We believe that we are getting it about right. I understand all the problems of uncertainty arising from short-term contracts. As the President of the Board of Trade said in his opening remarks, American universities appear to have a good record with short-term contracts, but I pay tribute to some of the schemes now inquiring into ways in which we can alter that position. The university of Warwick has obtained funding for a scheme that will consider longer term ideas.

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