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JILT 1997 (2) - Teja Munasinghe

12th BILETA Conference

Parallel Session

Reviewed by
Teja Munasinghe

This is a Conference Report published on 30 June 1997.

Citation: Munasinghe T, '12th BILETA Conference - Parallel Session', Conference Report, 1997 (2) The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT). <>. New citation as at 1/1/04: <>

Scott Taylor

Internet Lawyering: Its Impact on the Profession and Legal Education

Although this session was broadly addressing Internet issues the two speakers addressed quite different topics. Scott Taylor is an old favourite at BILETA and was delivering his fourth conference paper. He primarily addressed issues relating to the promotion of law firms outside of their own jurisdictions via the Internet. Although Scott is a Professor at the University of New Mexico he had an intimate knowledge of the Solicitors' Practice Rules of England and Wales in relation to his topic. Scott covered the questions of the unauthorised practice of law, advertising and confidentiality, taking questions on each topic as he completed them rather than at the end. All in all the talk was well structured, timed to perfection and of practical use to anyone wishing to interpret their rules of professional conduct.

David Calderwood

An Internet Exercise in Conveyancing Practice

David Calderwood described in detail and with the aid of some excellent computer slides his experience in using the Internet to teach conveyancing. In essence students from two different institutions undertook a conveyancing transaction between each other via the Internet. Students from each institution exchanging documents and correcting each others work. His talk was delivered with the enthusiasm of someone who obviously enjoys teaching and making study interesting for his students. David's paper and talk contained useful practical detail of setting up such an exercise as well as some of the possible drawbacks. It was refreshing to see someone address the actuality of computer aided learning rather than making broad optimistic statements about the future. My personal favourite of all the talks I had an opportunity to attend.

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