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JILT 1997 (3) - Communications Regulation

Resourcebank of Web Sites

National Government Departments and Regulatory Agencies

United Kingdom
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport : <>
General information about the Government department, press releases and a limited amount of other information as well as useful links to Government departments, particularly in European and Commonwealth countries.
Independent Television Commission :
Provides information about the workings of the ITC, commercial television's regulatory body. Also information about ITC documents, some of which are available on the web site.
Radio Communications Agency : <>
Includes information about the workings of the radio communications agency and a comprehensive set of relevant national and international links.
Office of Telecommunications :
< >
A comprehensive web site providing information about OFTEL. Good on line availability to OFTEL documentation.
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission:
Provides comprehensive information about the CRTC's regulatory functions and access to documentation. Extensive links to other Canadian Government departments, interest and industry groups, American regulatory bodies, and other international links.
Government of Canada Primary Internet Site:
Contains legislation and relevant government information. Also provides links to relevant government departments (Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage).
Australian Commonwealth Government Site :
Comprehensive site providing general and official information including legislation. Also provides access to relevant government departments, for example, the Department of Communications and the Arts, and relevant regulatory agencies.
Australian Broadcasting Authority:
Provides information about the work of the Australian broadcasting regulatory body.
Australian Communications Authority:
This body regulates Australian telecommunications and radio communications. The site provides comprehensive information and documentation.
United States
Federal Communications Commission :
Comprehensive information about the functions of the Commission as well as access to official documentation.

International Organisations

International Telecommunication Union:
Information about the structure and work of the ITU. It also contains extensive links to relevant web sites and to other UN organisations.
World Trade Organisation :
General information and official documentation about WTO activities including agreements and telecommunications services. Useful set of relevant links.

Research Projects/Databases

Telecom Virtual Library :
A resources site giving access to a large number of world wide sites relevant to broadcasting and telecommunications.
International Media and Info-comms Policy and Law Studies:
Includes articles on media regulation and a wide range of web site links particularly relevant to regulation.
University of Manchester Research Project on Regulation of Media Ownership:
Provides a good set of local and international links to government bodies, regulatory agencies, media companies and journals. Also has a German version.
Telecom Information Resources :
A resources site which gives access to a wide range of broadcasting and telecommunications providers, governmental bodies, and interest groups. Extensive links to national governments.
NetLaw Austria:
A resource site providing Austrian legal texts and other general information relating to media. Access to a range of journals. In English and Austrian.

European Union

European Union Home Page:
This is the main internet web site for the European Union. Provides links into the European Commission and to the individual directorate-generals including the following relevant DG's:
European Commission, Directorate General X :
Responsible for information, communication, culture and audio, visual.
European Commission, Directorate General XIII :
Responsible for telecommunications.
European Commission, Directorate General IV :
Responsible for competition.
Each of these web sites provides comprehensive information and documentation relevant to the areas of responsibility.

Council of Europe

Council of Europe:
The main internet web site for the Council of Europe. Includes information on the history and functions of the Council and provides information about the Council's cultural activities, and access to relevant web sites. CofE Documentation also available.

Information Society

European Commission, Information Society Project Office:>
Includes information about the European Union's policy on the Information Society and provides extensive links to Information Society projects and agencies.
United Kingdom, Department of Trade and Industry Information Society Initiative:
Primarily a web site to provide information for businesses about the Information Society.
United States: National Information Infrastructure:
Provides information about policies on the Information Highway relevant to the United States. Also provides access to other relevant web sites.
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