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JILT 1998 (1) - Arlene Eis

Response to 'Review of Directory of Law-related CD-ROMs'

Some of the reviewer's comments in the book review of the DIRECTORY OF LAW-RELATED CD-ROMs 1997 may give the readers an incorrect understanding of how the book is compiled. Our entries go through a very strict editorial process and we check the accuracy of everything we publish. We write most of the descriptions inhouse. We also do our own research into book reviews, for example, so all the reviews will not necessarily be positive ones, although they may very well be. In addition, we assign all subject headings inhouse. The Editor also decides which CD-ROMs should be listed, and which do not belong in the Directory.

Our 1998 edition will be published in January 1998, and will also tell you if the CD-ROM is on the Internet, and where it can be found. The book has been published annually since 1993, and is the only directory devoted exclusively to coverage of law-related CD-ROMs, both domestic and foreign.

Arlene Eis

Date of publication: 12 December 1997

Citation: Eis A, 'Response to Review of Directory of Law-related CD-ROMs', Comment, 1998 (1) The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT). <>. New citation as at 1/1/04: <>

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