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JILT 2000 (1) - AustLII Conference

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Law via the Internet '99

2nd AustLII Conference on
Computerisation of Law via the Internet

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 21-23 July 1999
Conference Report by Tom McMahon

The Australasian Legal Information (AUSTLII), is part of a world-wide network of Public Legal Information Institutes working towards providing free access to legal materials via the Internet.

AustLII's legacy includes some fifteen years of research and development and since 1995, AustLII's web site has been one of the largest sources of legal materials on the Web and is currently one of Australia's most popular web sites.

There is much to learn from the AustLII example in the establishment of the UK Legal Information Institute, (see the Free the Law meeting, 8 November 1999, and the web pages of Laurence West-Knights for the latest information), and we are very pleased to present a selection of papers delivered at the 2nd AustLII Conference.

These papers, comprising refereed articles, commentaries and conference papers, raise a number of issues in getting legal information onto the web, but also demonstrate some innovative and fascinating solutions to the various problems. We hope you enjoy them.

Public Legal Information: Focus and Future
Tom Bruce (Refereed Article)

Scalability of Web Resources for Law: AustLII's Technical Roadmap:
Past, Present and Future

Daniel Austin et al (Refereed Article)

A Defence of Plain HTML for Law: AustLII's Approach to Standards
Philip Chung et al (Refereed Article)

Solving the Problems of Finding Law on the Web: World Law and DIAL
Graham Greenleaf et al (Refereed Article)

Connected to the Law: Tasmanian Legislation Using EnAct
Timothy Arnold-Moore and Jane Clemes (Refereed Article)

A Judicial Perspective on Public Access to Case Law on the Internet
David Harvey

Where the Future Meets the Past: Pre 1900 NSW Case Law on the Web
Bruce Kercher

The New ABC: Teaching Computers How to Read Legal Documents
Allison Stanfield

Referencing and Citation of Internet Resources: The Truth is Out There
Pearl Rozenberg

Boundary Riding - The Web as Corral
Donna Buckingham

Victoria's Proposals for a 21st Century Legal System
Victor Perton

Free Access to the Law: The Strange Case of New Zealand
Jane Treadwell

Creating a Safety Net - A Proposed Rating Form for Assessing the Quality of Legal Information in Web Sites
Alan Robinson

A Web-based Revolution in Australian Public Administration
Surend Dayal and Peter Johnson

Computerised Legislative Drafting and Access to Statutes
Ian Brightwell and Richard Dixon Hughes

Japanese Law on the Internet
Makoto Ibusuki

Legal Services for Children and Young People via the Internet
Rebecca Neil

Virtual Travel on the Justice Information Highway
Eddie O'Brien and James Wilson

There are a few more papers that will be included as part of the 2000 (2) issue, which will be online as soon as possible.

The proceedings of the second AustLII Conference is available for purchase, for details see the Conference home page.

Papers published with the permission of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII).

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