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JILT 2000 (1) - Robinson - Appendix A

Creating a Safety Net - A Proposed Rating Form for Assessing the Quality of Legal Information in Websites

Alan Robinson
Legit, Australia

Appendix A - Ranking and Implementation of H.E.T.I. Criteria

Importance (IMP) - reflects the importance of this criteria on assessing the quality of the information. 4 - Essential, 3 - Important, 2 - Desirable, 1 - Indifferent, 0 - Not at all.

Ease of Implementation (Ease) - reflects how easy it will be to develop the criteria in a consumer useable way, 4 - very easy, 3 - moderately easy, 2 - minor difficulty, 1 - substantial difficulty, 0 - would not be able to do.

Ideas on how to implement this criteria - how the criteria could be assessed by a consumer (e.g., under the criteria Credentials: Is the name of the author listed?(Yes/No) Are his/her credentials listed? (Yes/No)



How to Implement




How to implement this criteria





Is the name of the author listed? (Y/N)
Are his/her credentials listed? (Y/N)
How well do the credentials match the text? (5 – perfect match, 0 – not related)

C1 Credibility

C1.1 Source


C1.1a Source (e.g., organizational information)


C1.1b Credentials


C1.1.c Conflict of Interest


C1.1d Bias


C1.2 Context(e.g., advertising, medical condition)


C1.3 Currency


C1.4 Relevance/Utility


C1.5 Editorial Review Process


C2 Content

C2.1 Accuracy


C2.2 Hierarchy of Evidence


C2.3 Original Source Stated


C2.4 Disclaimer


C2.5 Omissions Noted


C3 Disclosure

C3.1 Purpose of the site (e.g., promotional, educational)


C3.2 Profiling (capture, sharing)


C4 Links

C4.1 Selection


C4.2 Architecture


C4.3 Content


C4.4 Back Linkages and Descriptions


C5 Design

C5.1 Accessibility (e.g., can be used with low-end device)


C5.2 Logical Organization


C5.3 Internal Search Engine


C6 Interactivity

C6.1 Mechanism for Feedback


C6.2 Chat Rooms (e.g., moderator present)


C6.3 Tailoring (e.g., based on what algorithm, e.g., AHCPR)


C7 Caveats

C7.1 Alerts


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