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Special Tribute to Nicola Clare

by Professor Ian Lloyd,
University of Strathclyde

To describe someone as 'enthusiastic' is sometimes shorthand for suggesting that the person's application is greater than their ability. Nicola was one of the most enthusiastic persons I have ever met but also one of the most able. Her contribution to the journal and to life in the Law School at Strathclyde was immense. Nicola liked people and people liked her. Any journal, especially in its early stages can only survive through the goodwill of authors, reviewers and, of course, readers. Nicola's friendly, open, patient and enthusiastic way of dealing with people was one of our major assets.

As well as her work on the journal, we at Strathclyde will remember Nicola for many things. Her performance in the staff football team was perhaps a rare occasion when her energy outweighed her talent! Being on the receiving end of one of her tackles was, however, an experience few cared to repeat. If there was a departmental social event we could always be sure that Nicola would play a major role. If anyone had a problem with a computer or software, Nicola was always willing to lend a hand, even though experience surely taught her that where academics are concerned, IT problems are almost always self-inflicted!

Above all, Nicola loved her family and our sympathy and thoughts are with her parents, her sister and relatives. It is testimony to the affection in which Nicola was held that the large church in which her funeral was held was packed to overflowing. Nicola died at a tragically young age in terms of years. In terms of her enthusiasm and the amount she managed to pack into life she outdid many centenarians. We will miss and remember her.