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Special Feature: Software Related Inventions

Based on the Symposium

Software Related Inventions: Prospects and Risks for European Companies, Tuesday 9 July 2002

Organised by:
Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management
Bournemouth University
Guest Editor: Martin Kretschmer
Setting the Scene

Software as Text and Machine: The Legal Capture of Digital Innovation
Martin Kretschmer, Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management Department
Bournemouth University

1. Software Patents: Legal and Systemic Constraints

Demonstrating Technical Effect in Software Cases (Powerpoint presentation)
Keith Beresford, Beresford & Co

Patenting Insurance Related Business Methods: Predictability and Risk (refereed article)
Ruth Soetendorp, Bournemouth University

Why all Business Methods Achieve a Technical Effect (conference paper)
Greg Aharonian, PATNEWS

The Proposed EC Directive On the Patentability of Software-related Inventions (Powerpoint presentation), Tim Frain, Nokia

2. Economic Arguments

Much Pain for Little Gain? A Critical View of Software Patents (refereed article)
Christian Koboldt, DotEcon

Software Development, Intellectual Property, and IT Security (refereed article)
Robert Gehring, Technische Univerität, Berlin

The Proposed Software Directive: A User's Comments on Koboldt and Gehring (commentary)
Simon Davies, D Young & Co

Software Patents and Innovation (commentary)
Sylvain Perchaud, Europe Shareware

3. Prospects for a Licensing Economy

Bearing the Burden: Small Firms and the Patent System (refereed article)
Stuart Macdonald, Sheffied University