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LGD 2003 (1) - Jayan Nayar 1


 Special Open Forum on 'Theory and Struggles fo Social Justice'

Peoples Law and Social Justice


We publish a letter and paper from Dr Jayan Nayar of the Peoples Law Programme in Rome in response to Prof Shivji's paper'Law's Empire and Empire's Lawlessness: Beyond Anglo-American Law

Readers are welcome to comment on this and contribute submissions to the forum which will be updated regularly to incorporate contributions. Please email your comments to:

Letter from Jayan Nayar

Dear Issa

Hope this finds you well.

I read with excitement your paper, particularly your call for a rethinking of law. As you know, this is what Ive been trying to do and build with the Peoples' Law Programme in Rome. It is a relief and a source of support that you are advocating the same.

I attach a paper which describes the thinking and the aspirations of the Programme. I look forward to feedback and suggestions and hope very much that this 'virtual community' that your reflections have generated can provide a platform for us to carry on this conversation and to collectively act.

Keep well.