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Welcome to Dr Maryna Utkina, Fernandes Fellow from Sumy State University Ukraine

The University of Warwick School of Law has successfully sponsored a Fernandes Fellowship devoted to academics in Ukraine. Dr Maryna Utkina is now at Warwick and will be with us until the end of this calendar year.

Dr Utkina is a Senior Lecturer in the Criminal Law and Procedure Department at Sumy State University. Her research is on financial regulation and criminal law enforcement of illicit proceeds from organised crime -including terrorism, money laundering and corruption. A brief explanation is below:

In my work I define the place of financial intelligence (monitoring) in the system of combating money laundering and compare foreign financial intelligence units. It serves as one of the most sovereign remedies in the system of counteracting money laundering to minimize and effectively combat organized criminality and money laundering. The high level of development of the shadow economy, corruption, ineffectiveness of regulatory and legal support, as well as duplication of functions of individual authorities have become prerequisites for the financial monitoring system formation.


The main issues I would like to research here:

- a comparative analysis of theoretic and legal framework: to compare notions or definitions of financial intelligence (monitoring); acts and codes which regulate this question;

- compare financial intelligence duties: the system of such authorities and their duties;

- research in general this activity, its levels, main points and the process at all;

- research financial intelligence in the system of corruption prevention: best practices and others.


She is based at the IAS and can be contactable at: She is very keen on getting to know colleagues while she is here.

Fri 06 May 2022, 11:34 | Tags: Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Centre, Fellowship

Valérie Hayaert awarded prestigeous Eutopia Science and Innovation Fellowship at the Universirty of Warwick (Criminal Justice Centre)

Valérie Hayaert is a classicist, historian and humanist researcher of the early modern European tradition. Her particular interest lies in the mens emblematica, the humanist lawyers’ invention of woodcut depictions of legal and theological themes, in the tradition of playful seriousness or serio ludere. She received the EUI Alumni Prize for the best interdisciplinary thesis in 2006. Her book ‘Mens emblematica’ et humanisme juridique was published in 2008. Her subsequent work looked at the aesthetics of justice in courthouses of the early modern period until today. Valérie has taught in Cyprus, Tunisia, England and France and held various positions and fellowships. From 2014 to 2018, she served as co-editor for the Journal Emblematica. An interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies (AMS Press, New York then, Droz Geneva). She co-authored with the French judge Antoine Garapon Allégories de Justice : la grand’chambre du Parlement Flandre à Douai, and recently contributed to two exhibitions in Belgium on images of Justice : The Art of Law, Groeningen Museum, Bruges (2017) and Call for Justice, Hof Busleyden Museum, Mechelen (2018). Her forthcoming new book is entitled Lady Justice : the Anatomy of an Allegory (Edinburgh University Press).
Valérie has recently been awarded the prestigeous Eutopia Science and Innovation Fellowship and she will pursue her research at the Criminal Justice Centre, University of Warwick. This research is entitled a European Survey of Legal Symbolism.