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IEL Pop-up Collection

after brexit
IEL Pop-up Collection

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

We warmly invite you to participate this experiment which has been designed to further The IEL Collective aims of exploring ‘epistemological and methodological diversity’, and generating ‘conversations about plurality, representation and criticality’ in IEL.

Bring to the conference an artefact (object or image) that you feel is relevant to your approach to, or understanding of, IEL.

It ...
• May be an existing artefact such as a photograph or household object — a cup, paperweight, scarf, action figure, pack of biscuits, a fruit…; or
• May be an artefact you have made yourself, for example using Lego, clay, origami paper, wood, cardboard…
• May be accompanied by a short caption (maximum two sentences) printed or handwritten on a strip of paper.
• Must fit within a rectangle of 148 mm x 210 mm (that is, a sheet of A5 paper; or half sheet of A4).

During the conference your artefact will form part of an evolving, shifting collection which will be documented for you as a memento of the conference. After the conference you may submit an image of your artefact plus a 500 word commentary to a new IEL Pop-up Collection (similar to the Pop-Up Museum of Legal Objects)

We hope that you will join the spirit of this initiative and we look forward to seeing your creativity.

This activity was designed by Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Kent Law School, as part of a wider project on Doing Sociolegal Research in Design Mode. She hopes to include photographs of this activity in her forthcoming book, but only after obtaining the consent of any identifiable individuals.

If this raises any concerns for you please let us or Amanda (a dot perry-kessaris at kent dot ac dot uk) know.