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Session 1 (b): Equality, Precarity and IEL Agreements

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Location: S.020, Social Sciences Building

• 'Social Dialogue' and the Negotiation Process for the Next Generation of International Economic Agreements in the 21st Century

Ohiocheoya Omiunu, School of Law, De Montfort University

Memo for Times of Precarity: Beyond Neo-Nationalism And More Of The Same Globalisation

Nicolas Perrone, Faculty of Law, Universidad Andrés Bello

Making Social and Legal Plurality Visible: Lessons From and For Cyprus

Amanda Perry-Kessaris, School of Law, University of Kent

Differentiation and Fragmentation: Thinking about International Institutions as Normativity Generators

Athene Richford, School of Law, University of Glasgow

Chair: Ruth Bergan, Trade Justice Movement

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