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Session 3 (c): Technology, Intellectual Property and the Digital Revolution

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Implications of Emergent Intersections of Law, Economics and Technologies for International Economic Law Epistemologies

Jeremmy Okonjo, School of Law, Queen Mary London

The Digital Turn in International Economic Law: Is a Politics of Redistribution Possible?

Serena Natile, School of Law, Brunel University

Global Intellectual Property Rights Regime, 'Disciplinary Normative Order' and Emergent Subjectivity

Mizanur Rahaman, Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University

Patent Games in the Global South: Pharmaceutical Patent Law-Making in Brazil, India and Nigeria

Amaka Vanni, Independent Researcher and President-Elect, African International Economic Law Network (AfLEN)

Chair: Vitor Henrique Pinto Ido, Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo and South Centre, Geneva

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