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Hear My Name

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Feedback from the Say My Name project survey indicated that staff and students may benefit from the use of audio name badges (i.e., a sound clip of their name) in email signatures and other profiles to help facilitate respectful interactions around names. Hearing a sound clip of someone saying their name might help you become familiar with it more easily. This could be embedded within People Search, Tabula and/or emails.

The Hear My Name pilot ran in December 2021 to test the use of such a resource with staff and students. This project received ethical approval from the HSSREC, University of Warwick.

This pilot attracted over 200 participants and proved extremely successful with only one person deciding against using an audio name badge in their email signature after the pilot ended (because they did not like the sound of their voice in the recording). All found some benefit in having an audio badge in their signature or receiving an email containing an audio name badge.

If you would still like to set up an audio name badge in your email signature, please follow these instructions.

If you are a staff member, you can embed an audio recording and a pronuncation guide in your SuccessFactors profile. Please follow these instructions.

Follow this guide to create a phonetic guide to your name for your email signature and profile.

Interested in running your own Hear My Name project to test audio name badges in your team, institution or company?

We are happy to share our materials. Please email

to express an interest.