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Project library

The Say My Name project aims to support staff and students at Warwick to develop practical skills and systems where names are respected and celebrated.

Use these tools and resources to help build an inclusive culture at Warwick and beyond.

Quick links

Watch artist Verity Pabla perform at the Resonate Festival in September 2021.

Audio name badges

There are plenty of ways to set up an audio name badge. Use this page to set one up for yourself.

Email signatures

Inclusive email signatures help signal our respect for pronouns and names, as well as being practical.

Resources pack

Infographics, videos, useful guides and downloads to help build an inclusive culture at Warwick.

Teaching activities

Activities and practices for staff to use in learning environments, including icebreakers, community building and discussion topics.

Example pledge

Affirm your commitment to the Say My Name campaign. You may also like to take a Pronouns Pledge, too.

Pronunciation guides

A handy list of online resources to help you learn how to pronounce unfamiliar words and names.

Technology tools

Additional guidance and links to external sites which offer pronunciation tools, how-to guides and more.

Native script person names and diacritics

External resource offering practical advice to help embrace the use of native script names.

International names guide

Develop intercultural awareness by taking an interest in other cultures. Use this resource to learn how other cultures use names.

Names at Warwick

Find out how to update your title, legal and chosen names on your staff/student records, and learn which name you can expect to use where.