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Project research

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The Say My Name project explores interactions around names with staff and students during July 2021. It began as a survey with staff and students in July 2021, followed by one-to-one interviews exploring these key themes.

The project investigates whether a lack of familiarity with the pronunciation and spelling of names may create barriers to teaching, learning and social interactions.

Here you will find links to research, guidance, academic resources and further information about the project.

Academic resources

Explore peer-reviewed articles and publications that relate to the aims of the Say My Name project.

Student research

Find out about Warwick students' own research projects which explore themes related to the Say My Name project.

Guidance on names

External guidance on the importance of names and identity, from a wide range of sources.

Video resources

Browse a collection of YouTube videos that explore the importance of names, their meanings and their use.

This includes TED Talks, discussions from students at other higher education institutions, comedy sketches, memory tips and more.

Symposium 2022

Watch recordings and access slides from our online event, which brought together research or projects that feature a focus on names.

Respecting names

In this Times Higher Education article, project lead Professor Jane Bryan shares lessons in handling people's names with respect and sensitivity.

Say Their Names

Hear their names, say their names. This resource ensures the correct pronunciation of the names of Black Americans killed by police.