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Setting up a University Mediation Clinic

The award-winning Warwick Mediation is proud to collaborate with Essential Mediation Solutions to offer support to other institutions wishing to create their own mediation clinic.

Warwick Mediation peer mediation service won Innovation of the Year at the National Mediation Awards 2023.

Professor Jane Bryan (Warwick Law School) and Emma McAndry Civil Mediation Council Fellow and director of Essential Mediation Solutions are very happy to share with others how they created a University Mediation Clinic. Please contact us through to arrange an MS Teams call or to discuss issues via email.

At Warwick, our peer mediation clinic is an educational and community interest project. The service providers are trained staff and students and the users are staff and students across the University and the local community. The model can be easily adapted to suit your own needs and circumstances.

Benefits for the peer mediators:

  • Invaluable practical experience
  • The opportunity to put theory into practice in real-life scenarios
  • Enhanced employability
  • Important transferable skills can be practiced and improved
  • Activity that appeals to potential employers
  • Experience a process that is current and valuable
  • Gain professionalism prior to entering working life

Benefits to the mediation service user:

  • It is a free service so there is nothing to lose
  • Dealing with disputes in a constructive and positive manner
  • A more harmonious campus and community
  • Avoids the cost, length of time and stress of litigation or commercial mediation
  • Future steps are agreed between the parties themselves rather than imposed by others
  • A therapeutic and empowering process
  • Support in dealing with conflict
  • Retention of happier students and staff


A student clinic user said, "I had a dispute with another student in a presentation group which was affecting my work...I had lost all hope...I really would like to thank the Mediation Clinic for helping me through such a difficult situation."

A Mediation Clinic can clearly have a huge impact both for staff and students acting in the clinic and the service users.

Contact us to find out more about setting up a Mediation Clinic at 

Dr Jane Bryan

Professor Jane Bryan

Warwick Mediation Lead

Emma McAndry

Emma McAndry

Warwick Mediation external consultant

Find out more about how we set up Warwick Mediation

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