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Seminars 2017-2018

Term 1

October 3rd: Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge), 'Reverse-Engineering Blame'

October 10th: Bill O'Brian (Warwick), 'Moral Irrealism'

October 17th: David Jenkins (Warwick), 'Differences of Difference'

October 24th: Tom Sinclair (Oxford), 'Unclaimable Directed Duties'

October 31st: Gerald Lang (Leeds), 'What's Wrong with Hypocrisy?'

November 7th: No Seminar

November 14th Kim Ferzan (Virginia), 'Preventing Optimific Wrongs'

November 21st: Emily McTernan (UCL), 'In Defence of Taking Offence'

November 28th: Massimo Renzo (KCL), 'What's Wrong with Colonialism?'

December 5th: Paul Bou-Habib (Essex), 'The Brain Drain as Exploitation'

Term 2

January 9th: Felix Pinkert (Warwick), 'Implicit Bias and Obligatory Anonymous Shortlisting'

January 16th: Daniel Groll (Carleton), 'Wellbeing and Knowledge of Genetic Parentage: The "Abiding Interest" View'

January 23rd: Kartik Upadhyaya (Warwick), 'Hypocrisy, Solidarity, Standing'

January 30th: Margaret Moore (Queens)

February 6th: Tom Simpson (Oxford)

February 13th: No Seminar

Febraury 20th: Ben Colburn (Glasgow)

Febraury 27th: Joseph Chan (Hong Kong)

March 6th: Jeff Howard (UCL)

March 13th: Joe Horton (UCL)

Term 3

April 24th: Adam Slavny (Warwick)

May 1st: Sarah Fine (KCL)

May 8th: Alexandra Couto (Kent)

May 15th: Christopher Bennett (Warwick)

May 22nd: Michele Giavazzi (Warwick)

May 29th: No Seminar

June 5th: Charlotte Newey (Warwick)

June 12th:

June 19th: Elizabeth Ashford (St Andrews)

June 26th: Sophia Moreau (Toronto)