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CELPA Seminars 2018-19

Term 1

October 2nd: Patrick Tomlin (Warwick) 'Accidentally Killing on Purpose: Double Effect under Uncertainty.'

October 9th: Bob Simpson (UCL) 'The Relation between Academic Freedom and Free Speech'

October 16th: Theron Pummer (St Andrews) 'Suboptimanl Charity' and 'All or Nothing, but if not All, Next Most or Nothing'

October 23rd: Han van Wietmarschen (UCL) 'What is Social Heirarchy'

October 30th: Joe Horton (UCL) 'The Exploitation Problem'

November 6th: No Seminar

November 13th: Mollie Gerver (Essex) 'Valid Consent and Third Party Coercion'

November 20th: Bouke de Vries (MPIMMG) 'Filial Duties to Prevent and Address Parental Lonliness'

November 27th: Janina Dill (Oxford) 'A Moral Argument for a Division of Labour between IHL and IHRL during the Conduct of Hostilities'

December 4th: Jules Holroyd (Sheffield) 'Implicit Bias, Self-Defence, and the Reasonable Person'

Term 2

January 8th: No Seminar

January 15th: Katy Wells (Warwick) 'Renting, Ownership, and Autonomy'

January 22nd: Patrick Todd (Edinburgh) 'Strawson, Libertarianism, and "External Justifications" of Our Responsibility Practices'

January 29th: Victor Tadros (Warwick) 'Sharing the Costs of War'

February 5th: Kimberly Brownlee (Warwick) 'What is the Value of Teamwork?'

February 12th: No Seminar

Febraury 19th: Alexander Sarch (Surrey) 'Corporations Keeping themselves in the Dark'

Febraury 26th: John Tilson (Liverpool Hope) 'Knowledge, Moment, and Acceptability: How to Decide Public Educational Aims and Curricula'

March 5th: Keith Hyams (Warwick) 'Empathic Power'

March 12th: Alasia Nuti (York) 'Containment, Conjecture and the Counter-Radicalisation of Unreasonable Religious Views'

Term 3

April 30th: No Seminar

May 7th: Kate Greasley (UCL) 'Harming and Wronging Through Rape'

May 14th: Federico Picinali (LSE) 'Justice In-Between: The Decision-Theoretic Case for Many-Valued Criminal Verdicts'

May 21st: Nicolas Southwood (ANU)

May 29th (Wednesday): Johann Frick (Princeton)

June 4th:Elizabeth Brake (ASU)

June 11th: Jeremy Moss (UNSW)

June 18th: Steven Gardiner Lecture