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NSS Now Open for PAIS Finalists

NSS LogoThe National Student Survey (NSS) is now open at the link below. In partnership with our students, we have built the PAIS department together. Thank you! We’d love your feedback on the three or four years you have spent with us, in PAIS.


Why else complete the survey?

  • Treat Yourself – by receiving £5 Eating at Warwick credit, as a thank you
  • Help a Charity – for each PAIS response, we will donate £5 to the Warwick Cancer Research Centre, our finalists chosen charity.
  • Shape the Future of PAIS – your feedback will help shape the future of the PAIS department

It will take just 5 minutes to complete. Your feedback matters and makes a huge difference to PAIS as shown on our You Said We Did page.

Last year PAIS achieved 95 per cent for overall satisfaction - No 1 in the Russell Group.

Please remember the £5 credit only applies to those who complete online so please complete early to ensure you do not lose out.

Simply send your confirmation email – after completing the survey - to to receive your £5.

Wed 06 February 2019, 10:51 | Tags: Front, UG

Out Now: The Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration

The Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational AdministrationPublished this month, The Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration, co-edited by Diane Stone and Kim Moloney with OUP:

Diane Stone has also published an article on International Crisis Group: Stone, D. (2019). Transnational policy entrepreneurs and the cultivation of influence: individuals, organizations and their networks. Globalizations, 1-17.

Mon 11 February 2019, 13:45 | Tags: Staff, CSGR, PhD, MA, Research

Ragnar Weiland Writes Article on Tunisia for Democratization

In a journal article for Democratization, PAIS PhD researcher Ragnar Weilandt explores the current state of Tunisian civil society and its role in the country’s transition to democracy.

Fri 08 February 2019, 10:15 | Tags: Staff, PhD

Tom Long Publishes Article on Venezuela for The Conversation

Tom Long published an article in The Conversation, entitled "Venezuela: how Latin American tolerance of illiberalism let a nation slide into crisis". The article has been republished in The New Statesman and in Portuguese in the Gazeta do Povo (Brazil), and in French on The Conversation. The piece draws on his research article in the November issue of International Affairs to put the rising tide of illiberalism in Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin America in an international and historical context. In that article, he explores the "consequences of partial inclusion or marginalization from" liberal international order. The article is available for free until 17 February.

Tom has also been quoted recently in Bloomberg News, CNBC News, El Universal (Mexico), and Vice News regarding the situation in Venezuela, and has appeared on Al Jazeera, Sky News, and France 24 TV.

Thu 07 February 2019, 15:57 | Tags: Front, Staff, Research

PAIS response to the news regarding the return of suspended Warwick Students

Several students and staff members in the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) have raised concerns in relation to the recent news that students previously banned will be allowed to return to campus in September. All students in PAIS were emailed on Friday 1st February by the Head of Department and were assured that PAIS as a department unreservedly condemns hate speech and threats of sexual violence on campus in any form. PAIS is committed to promoting a welcoming and inclusive institutional culture, consistent with the Dignity at Warwick policy that all staff and students at Warwick are obliged to follow. The Department treats the safety and dignity of its students as the utmost priority and will also be liaising with other departments, the students union and our SSLCs to ensure that student concerns are heard and addressed.

Mon 04 February 2019, 16:11 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, UG

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