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Early British Socialism Workshop

New Perspectives on Early British Socialism was a one-day workshop held on July 20th 2015 to discuss the works of early British Socialists and their influences, including Robert Owen, John Stuart Mill, Harriet taylor, William Thompson, Thomas Carlyle, James Elishama Smith, Thomas Atkins and Fredrick Engels.

Speakers included:

  • Alexander Jordan (European University Institute, Florence) ‘Sismondi, the Saint-Simonians and Thomas Carlyle as Critic of Political Economy’.
  • Helen McCabe (University of Warwick) ‘The “Missing” British Socialist? The Development of John Stuart Mill’s Socialism, 1824-1852’.
  • David Leopold (University of Oxford) ‘The Young Engels, English Socialism and Utopia’.
  • Mark Kazwan (University of Texas at Brownsville) ‘William Thompson as the Father of Co-operation’.
  • Greg Claeys (Royal Holloway) ‘What was “Utopian” about Early Socialism? The Case of Owenism’.
  • Philip Lockley (University of Oxford) ‘James Elishama Smith: Millennial Socialist’.
  • James Gregory (Plymouth University) ‘Thomas Atkins: Engineering the Owenite Utopia’.