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CSGR 10th Conference - Sessions on "Inequality, Globalisation, and Regional Integration"

The last two decades have witnessed a dramatic acceleration in economic and social globalisation – in the form of international trade, capital movements, and migration – as well as the strengthening of regional integration in economic and political terms. This has spurred a debate as to whether the intensification of these processes has led to increased inequality at the country as well as the aggregate level, which has been conducted at the empirical, theoretical, and methodological level.

The CSGR 10th Annual Conference conference "Pathways to Legimitacy" will investigate these issues in two sessions. Their goal is to increase the understanding on these topics by presenting works assessing the impact of globalisation and regional integration on either within-country or between-country inequality at the global or regional level. Some contributions from an EU-sponsored research project on the impact of globalisation and regional integration on inequality on EU neighbouring countries (INEQ) will be presented.

If you wish to participate in the conference and present a paper on this topic, please contact Elena Meschi at this address:

Organisers: Gianluca Grimalda and Elena Meschi