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Conference Papers

Papers listed by author, in alphabetical order:


Jean d'Aspremont (Leiden University) - The Duality of Legitimacy in Global Governance ; Legitimacy of Governments in the Age of Democracy

Andrew Baker (Queen's University of Belfast) - Global Financial Governance and Theories of Group Polarization 

Eugenia Baroncelli (University of Bologna) - Domestic Polities and Globalisation: New Insights into the Link Between Polity Change and Trade Policy: 1960-2000

Steven Bernstein and Erin Hannah (University of Toronto) - Non-State Global Standard Setting and the WTO: Legitimacy and the Need for Regulatory Space 

Carole and Julie Biau (University of Warwick) - Governmental Reform in Developing Countries: External Conditionality versus Peer Pressure

Maarten Bosker and Harry Garretsen (Utrecht University) - Geography Rules Too! Economic Development and the Geography of Institutions

André Broome and Leonard Seabrooke (Birmingham/CBS) - Seeing like the IMF: Legitimating Institutional Change in Small Economies

Simone Buckel (University of Kassel) - Performing Urban Citizenship - contesting social rights in multi-level policy spaces

Katarina Buhr (Uppsala University) - Transnational Governance Mechanisms in EU Policy Making: The Case of Aviation and Emissions Trading 

Ton Bührs (Lincoln University) - Environmental Space as a Basis for Enhancing the Legitimacy of Global Governance 

Ann Capling (University of Melbourne) - Legitimacy Begins at Home: Overcoming the Democratic Deficit in Domestic Trade Policy-Making 

Philip G. Cerny (Global Affairs, Rutgers University) - Neoliberalisation and Place: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Borders 

Furio Cerutti (University of Florence) - The Deeper Roots of Future Legitimacy 

David Chiavacci (Free University Berlin) - Bilateral Agreements: A Path to Regional Regulation of Migration in East Asia? 

KF Chin (National Cheng Kung University) - East Asian Monetary and Financial Cooperation: Confronting the Shortfall of Legitimacy in the Global Financial Arrangements

Andrew F. Cooper (CIGI) - Celebrity Diplomacy and the G8: Bono and Bob as Legitimate International Actors 

Xiudian Dai (University of Hull) - The Search for Good Governance: Network Europe and the Digital Revolution 

Kasturi Das and Biswajit Dhar (Centre for Trade and Development / Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) - Operationalisation of GI Protection in India: A Preliminary Exploration 

Heribert Dieter and Richard Higgott (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik/University of Warwick) - Is Washington Losing East Asia? The Drawbacks of Linking Trade and Security in America's Foreign Policy 

Manfred Elsig (World Trade Institute Berne) - Changing Authorities and New Accountability in the World Trade Organisation: Addressing a Research Gap 

Michelle Frasher-Rae (Ohio University) - Speaking the Same Language? Transatlanticism, Terrorist Financing and the Role of Regional Regimes 

Elizabeth Friesen (Carleton University) - The Emergence of Human Rights Politics in International Finance: Transnational Networks and the Transformative Potential of Ideas

Bart Gaens and Juha Jokela (University of Helsinki) - Interregional relations and legitimacy in global governance: The case of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) 

Randall D. Germain (Carleton University) - Financial Governance and Transnational Deliberative Democracy 

Jean-Christopher Graz and Andreas Nölke (Institut d'Etudes Politiques et Internationales/Institut für Politikwissenschaft) - Limits to the Legitimacy of Transnational Private Governance 

Donna Harris (University of Cambridge) - Bonding Social Capital and Corruption: A Cross-National Empirical Analysis, Tables & Figures

Mathias Hoffmann and Iryna Shcherbakova (University of Zurich & CESifo) - Consumption Risk Sharing over the Business Cycle: the role of Small Firms' Access to Credit Markets

Helge Hveem (University of Oslo) - The Politics of Transnational Production Systems: A Political Economy Perspective 

Rosalba Icaza (Institute of Social Studies) - Civil Society and the Quest for Alternative Regionalisms 

Kent Jones (Babson College) - Regionalism and the Problem of Representation in the WTO 

Lin Jue (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) - Searching again to Sino-U.S bilateral trade balance: An analysis of trade products' competitiveness

Christian Just, Raymond Ritter and Christian Thimann (European Central Bank) - The Governance of the IMF: How a dual board structure could raise the effectiveness and legitimacy of a key global institution 

Robert Lloyd (One World Trust) - Accountability of Transnational Actors: Is there scope for cross sector principles? 

Doris Estelle Long (The John Marshall Law School) - 'Democratising' Globalisation: Practising the Policies of Cultural Inclusion 

Georges Minet (ILO) - Building Social Dialogue into Regional Economic Communities: The case of francophone Africa 

Daniel Mügge (Universiteit van Amsterdam) - Limits of Legitimacy and the Primacy of Politics: What EU Capital Market Policy Can Teach Theories of Legitimacy 

Ursula Mühle (University of Bielefeld) - The Foundations of Legitimacy - Findings from the Institutionalisation of the UN Global Compact 

F.G. Mukhtarov (Central European University) - Global Water Governance and the Concept of Legitimacy 

Shaun Narine (St Thomas University) - Leadership and Legitimacy: China and the United States in the Asia Pacific 

Morten Ougaard (Copenhagen Business School) - Patterns of Accountability in the OECD 

Matthew Paterson (University of Ottawa) - Climate Governance and the Legitimation of a Finance-Led Regime of Accumulation

T.J. Pempel (University of California, Berkeley) - Contested Legitimacies: Asian Multilateralism Without the United States

David P. Rapkin and Dan Braaten (University of Nebraska) - Conceptualizing International Legitimacy

Lena Rethel (University of Warwick) - Developing Islamic Financial Markets: Reifying the Status Quo of Global Finance?

Marcelo I. Saguier (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales - FLACSO) - Expanding the Boundaries of Public Debate on Trade Politics: the Hemispheric Social Alliance and the Free Trade Area of the Americas Process 

Diery Seck (UNIDEP) - An Analytical Framework for the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) ; A Global Model of Very Long Term Economic Development

Alice Sindzingre (CNRS Paris-University Paris, IEP Bordeaux) - Trade Structure as a Constraint to Multilateral and Regional Arrangements in Sub-Saharan Africa: the WTO and the African Union

Steven Slaughter (Deakin University) - International Society and Global Governance: Neo-Liberalism and the Problem of Global Poverty

Fredrik Söderbaum and Luk Van Langenhove (Gothenberg/UNU-CRIS) - EU-Driven Interregionalism and the (De) Legitimisation of Regionalism and Multilateralism 

Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg (Tufts University/Stanford University) - The Diffusion of Development

Jayati Srivastava (Jawaharlal Nehru University) - Legitimacy and Global Governance Institutions: Challenges and Possibilities from the WTO's Experience

Richard Stubbs (McMaster University) - ASEAN Plus Three: Process and Performance Legitimacy

Grahame Thompson (The Open University) - Tracking Global Corporate Citizenship: Some Reflections on 'Lovesick' Companies

Charles Tsai (IISD) - Progress in legitimizing the Green Room process: Problematic outcomes of the Uruguay Round, diverse ASEAN efforts and the promise of the Doha Round 

Heidi Ullrich (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development) - Contested Accountability: Civil Society and the International Fair Trade Association 

Geoffrey R D Underhill (Universiteit van Amsterdam) - Markets, Institutions, and Transaction Costs: The Endogeneity of Governance

Vincent Vicard (University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne) - Trade Conflicts, and Political Integration: Explaining the Heterogeneity of Regional Trade Agreements

Claire Wren, Jeffrey Oatham (One World Trust) and Peter Chowla (Bretton Woods Project) - Bridging the Democratic Deficit: Double Majority Decision Making and the IMF