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Agora Forum

An Innovative Format and Methodology:

Advocacy, governmental organisations and research networks associated

Learn more on the ULB-GR:EEN Agora Forum, which took place in Brussels on 28 February 2013 on the dedicated Agora website 

Agora - A threefold Bridging exercise ...

... between research and practice

The object is to both strengthen the integrity and widen the dissemination of the ongoing research. Against an increasingly inward looking European debate, we trust this Forum will contribute towards encouraging informed public debates on a key issue for the EU: the legitimacy and efficiency of the EU’s external action following recent endogenous crisis and international challenges.

... between disciplinary perspectives

With an eye on both contribuinge towards the ever greater interdisciplinary research agendas emerging within the Social Sciences and Humanities, and associating a variety of expert persectives on a multifacetted object such as the EU; the forum will seek to breakdown disciplinary divisions. Particular attention will be invested in confronting insight offered by new institutionalist analysis, crittical International Polictical Economy, governamentalist theories and Networked Governance mdoels.

... between different publics

The forum's spirit of openess will also see it reach out to a variety of publics - be it from doctoral to senior researchers; a broad gamut of civil society representatives or international and national officials. This implies it will develop a variety of formats and devliverables geared towards each participating audience's expectations in terms of focus, length, time-perspective and format. As such, Agora forums will feed into: new research papers, summary notes, policy recommendations, and media based articles