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shaun_breslin.jpgShaun Breslin is Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, Director of the Centre for the Study of Regionalisation and Globalisation, and Senior Scientist for the GR:EEN Project. Shaun’s research addresses a range of topics including China, East Asia, and the Global Political Economy. He has published extensively on the role of China in international relations and the global economy, comparative governance, regionalism and South East Asia, and the global crisis. He is Co-Editor of the Pacific Review, Editor of the Warwick Series on Globalisation and Regionalisation with Routledge, and Co-Editor of the Global Reordering Pivot Series with Palgrave.

Philip CernyPhilip Cerny is Professor Emeritus of Politics at the University of Manchester (U.K.) and of Political Science and Global Affairs at Rutgers University-Newark (New Jersey, U.S.A). He has also taught at the Universities of York and Leeds and has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University, Sciences Po (Paris), Dartmouth College, New York University and the Brookings Institution. He is the author of Rethinking World Politics: A Theory of Transnational Neopluralism (2010), The Changing Architecture of Politics: Structure, Agency and the Future of the State (1990), and “Reframing the International” (European Review of International Studies, forthcoming May 2014). He is currently working on: Ordoliberalism and neoliberalism; power and governance; global environmental politics; and financial regulation.

Chris ClarkeChris Clarke is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Politics and International Studies Department, University of Warwick. His research focuses on the politics of financial markets, the ethics of Anglo-American economic citizenship, the history of economic ideas, and the political economy of social lending. Chris has held previous positions as Early-Career Research Fellow with the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Warwick, and was a Visiting Research Fellow at Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University. Chris is Co-Editor of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies. His new book Visible Hands of the Market: Economic Citizenship and the Ethics of Anglo-American Finance is forthcoming with the Routledge RIPE Series in Global Political Economy.

ben_clift_2.jpgBen Clift is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Warwick. He has held visiting positions at Sciences-Po, Paris in 2007 and 2013, and in 2009 he was a visiting research fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. Ben's research interests lie in comparative and international political economy, and he has published widely on French and comparative capitalisms, the politics of economic ideas, capital mobility and economic policy autonomy, the political economy of social democracy, and French and British politics. His new book Comparative Political Economy: States, Markets and Global Capitalism is forthcoming with Palgrave (2014).

Megan DeeMegan Dee is GR:EEN Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for the Study of Regionalisation and Globalisation at the University of Warwick. Megan joined GR:EEN as part of Working Package 6 (Trade and Finance) in September 2013. Her research concentrates upon the EU’s power and performance in multilateral trade negotiations, particularly addressing the WTO’s Doha Round negotiations, and the impact that an emerging multipolar world order has had upon the EU’s global role. Her new book The EU in an Emerging Multipolar World: global reordering, emerging power brokers and the WTO’s Doha Round is forthcoming with Palgrave.


randall_germain.pngRandall Germain is Professor of Political Science at Carleton University, Canada. His teaching and research focus on the political economy of global finance, issues and themes associated with economic and financial governance, and theoretical debates within the field of international political economy. His most recent book is Global Politics and Financial Governance (Palgrave, 2010).


catherine_jones.jpgCatherine Jones is East Asian Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Politics and International Relations Department at the University of Warwick. Her research concerns China’s engagement with international institutions across both security and development sectors. Currently, this includes a range of projects which include: China’s approaches to Mass Atrocity Crime Prevention and R2P; Sanctions against the DPRK; Engagement within East Asia; and development and aid architectures. Catherine received her PhD on China and the Liberal International Order from the University of Reading in 2013, which she is currently converting into a book.

Robert Kissack is an Assistant Professor at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). He completed his PhD at the London School of Economics in 2006, and has been at IBEI since 2008. His main research area is European foreign policy in multilateral institutions. Publications include Pursuing Effective Multilateralism: The European Union, International Organisations and the politics of decision making (Palgrave, 2010) and ‘The European Union and Multilateralism’ in Routledge Handbook on the European Union and International Institutions, K. E. Jørgensen & K. V. Laatikainen (eds.), (Routledge, 2013), ‘He has published in the Journal of European Integration, Journal of European Social Policy, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, and Global Society.

jens_mortensen.jpgJens Ladefoged Mortensen is Associate Professor in the Centre for European Politics, Department of Political Science, at the University of Copenhagen, and a member of the GR:EEN Project working on Working Package 6 (Trade and Finance) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). His research focuses on the EU with special attention to the EU as a trade superpower, including the EU’s institutional set-up in trade diplomacy; the EU’s legal activities in relation to WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding; and the EU’s use of antidumping and other trade-protecting steps. In addition Jens’ research addresses the EU’s bilateral relations to the US, China and the ACP countries (including the EPA negotiations).

Anastasia NesvetailovaAnastasia Nesvetailova is Reader in IPE at City University London and Director of City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC). Her publications include Fragile Finance: Debt, Speculation and Crisis in the Age of Global Credit (2007, Palgrave) and Financial Alchemy in Crisis: The Great Liquidity Illusion (2010, Pluto). Her recent and current work on finance and the shadow banking system include: Ronen Palan & Anastasia Nesvetailova, Elsewhere, Ideally Nowhere: Shadow Banking and Offshore Finance, CITYPERC Working Paper Series, No. 2014-01, and P. Lysandrou and A. Nesvetailova, 2014, “The Role of Shadow Banking Entities in the Financial Crisis: a Disaggregated View”, Review of International Political Economy, forthcoming.

Lucia QuagliaLucia Quaglia is Professor of Political Science at the University of York. Her most recent research monographs are: The European Union and Global Financial Regulation (OUP, 2014), and Governing Financial Services in the European Union (Routledge, 2010). Together with Kenneth Dyson she published two volumes: European Economic Governance and Policies (OUP, 2010). Together with Dermot Hodson, she was the guest co-editor of the 2009 special issue of the Journal of Common Market Studies on ‘The Global Financial Turmoil: European Perspectives and Lessons’.


shirin_rai.jpgShirin Rai is Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. She has directed a Leverhulme Trust funded programme on Gendered Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament (2007-2011). Her research interests are in gendered performance and politics, gender and political institutions and gender and the political economy of development. She is the author of The Gender Politics of Development (2008, Zed Books/Zubaan Publishers) and editor of Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament (2010). Shirin is also a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Gender Institute, London School of Economics.

Gabriel Siles-BruggeGabriel Siles-Brügge is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester. His research interests sit at the interface of European and International Political Economy where he focuses on issues relating to trade and development politics, constructivism and responses to the 2008 economic crisis. He has recently published on these issues in the Review of International Political Economy, New Political Economy, the Journal of Common Market Studies and Contemporary Politics. His monograph Constructing European Union Trade Policy: A Global Idea of Europe has just been published in the Palgrave Macmillan IPE Series.


Celine TanCeline Tan is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Warwick. Her research centres on exploring aspects of international economic law and regulation with a focus on international development financing law, policy and governance. She is the author of Governance through Development: Poverty Reduction Strategies, International Law and the Disciplining of Third World States , Abingdon: Routledge (2011) and co-editor of International Economic Law, Globalization and Developing Countries , London: Edward Elgar (2010).

oratie_photo.gifGeoffrey Underhill is Professor of International Governance at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Amsterdam and Fellow of the Amsterdam Institute for International Development. His research interests focus on the political economy of governance in relation to international trade and the financial sector under conditions of cross-border market integration. He is author/editor of twelve books and over forty scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited collections.His most recent major work, Global Financial Integration Thirty Years On: from Reform to Crisis (ed. with J. Blom and D. Mügge) was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010.

Matthew WatsonMatthew Watson is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. His most recent book, Uneconomic Economics and the Crisis of the Model World, was published in February 2014. This follows up his earlier books, Foundations of International Political Economy and The Political Economy of International Capital Mobility.

steven_woolcock.jpgStephen Woolcock is Associate Professor at the London School of Economics where he teaches the political economy of trade, IPE and economic diplomacy. His main research interests are in international trade and investment policy, in particular European Union policies. His recent publications include European Union Economic Diplomacy, 2012 and an edited volume with Ken Heydon, The Ashgate Research Companion on International Trade Policy 2012.


Alasdair YoungAlasdair Young is Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is co-director of the School’s Center for European and Transatlantic Studies. He has written extensively on the interaction between trade and regulatory policies and politics. His most recent book is Parochial Global Europe: 21st Century Trade Politics (co-authored with John Peterson), Oxford University Press, 2014.