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The Authors

  • Mark Beeson and Diane Stone - A model to avoid? The EU’s declining influence in post-crisis Asia
  • André Broome and Leonard Seabrooke - The Socialization and Translation of Professional Knowledge in International Organizations’
  • Archana Datta and Sohini Gupta - Global Environmental Issues: European Union role in leading the Climate security
  • Stephen Kingah and Aliya Salimzhuarova - Can EU Backed Interactions between Regional Development Banks and the World Bank serve as Means to Mitigate Perceived Inequalities of Representation at the World Bank? The Cases of the EBRD, ADB, AFDB and IDB?
  • Caroline Kuzemko - Ideas, Perceptions and Structural Power: EU Energy Security and Russia
  • Li Wei - Coping with the Dollar Hegemony: the role of EU and Euro
  • Elisa Lopez Lucia - EU Security policy after Lisbon: the case of the European Sahel Strategy
  • Christine Overdevest and Jonathan Zeitlin - Assembling an Experimentalist Regime: EU FLEGT and Transnational Governance Interactions 
  • Eleni Tsingou - Transnational Veto Players and the Process of Financial Reform - What Opportunities and Constraints for the EU?
  • Luk Van Langenhove -The EU as a Global-Regional Actor in Peace and Security
  • Marieke Zwartjes - Conceptualizing Regional Leadership