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Stuart Croft

Stuart Croft is Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick. He joined Warwick in January 2007 from the University of Birmingham where he had worked for 18 years, latterly as Professor of International Relations, he also served for three years as the Head of the School of Social Sciences. Stuart’s work is in the field of security studies, which increasingly to him is important to read in an interdisciplinary context. Stuart's next book is Securitizing Islam, which is to be published by Cambridge University Press in early 2012. His last book was Culture, Crisis and America's War on Terror, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2006. He explored his interests in constructivist and cultural accounts of security collaboratively, as can be seen in the December 2006 special issue of the journal International Relations, the special issue of Government and Opposition in the summer of 2007, and that in European Security, in December 2010, all of which he either edited or co-edited. Stuart has published in a variety of journals, including International Affairs, European Security, Review of International Studies, International Politics, and Defence Studies.

From 2003-8, Stuart was Director of the UK Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) New Security Challenges Programme, a £4.5 million, five-year programme that supported 38 research projects based at a variety of UK universities. From 2008-10 he directed the latest stage of that work, a follow-on two year, £2.4 million programme of work examining concepts and practices of radicalization, funded by the ESRC, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the UK Foreign Office, that supported 9 distinct projects. Since 2008, he has been the Warwick lead on the EU FP7 funded project EU-GRASP. Before these activities, he worked on a project funded by the ESRC on media representations of the war in Iraq, and before that worked with colleagues on an ESRC-funded project on the future of NATO. He has also had a NATO research grant, and has also been awarded grants from Nuffield, the Cadbury Trust and the British Academy.

Stuart currently supervises nine research students, and has to date supervised eighteen students who have successfully obtained their doctorates. He currently mentor four postdoctoral fellows, have been external examiner at eight UK universities, and have has acted as external examiner on 20 doctorates in other universities.

From January 2009, Stuart was the Chair of the British International Studies Association, and he is now the President of the Association. He has been elected as an Academician in the UK Academy of Social Sciences, and as a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. From 2011, he was appointed to the Governing Council of the Economic and Social Research Council.

Stuart joined GR:EEN as a means of developing some of his key research interests in broader European and global context, particularly his work on human security and on radicalisation. The latter is the subject of his next book, which will benefit greatly from learning and engaging in the GR:EEN contact. Stuart is the research lead of Work Package 4, and sit on the project's Management Board.

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