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Thilo Bodenstein

Thilo Bodenstein is Associate Professor at the Department of Public Policy, Central European University, Budapest. His research interests are comparative and international political economy. He is author of several papers on EU-related issues (“Is the European Mediterranean Policy Incentive Compatible? Insights from a Screening Model.” European Union Politics, 10: 3, 381-401, 2009 [with Mark Furness]; “Partisan Politics in Regional Redistribution: Do Parties Affect the Distribution of eu Structural Funds across Regions?” European Union Politics, 7: 3, 373–392, 2006 [with Achim Kemmerling]; After the Eastward Enlargement: Political Economy Perspectives on a New Europe. [edited with Michael Bolle]).

Thilo joined the GR:EEN network to study the EU’s role in international trade and financial regulatory policy.

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