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Toni Haastrup

Toni Haastrup is a research fellow at The University of Warwick’s Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation primarily working on the GR:EEN project. She recently completed her doctoral degree in Politics at the University of Edinburgh, where she was a tutor and research assistant. Prior to working in Edinburgh, Toni taught at the University of Cape Town and was a Junior Researcher in the Human Sciences Research Council’s Democracy & Governance Unit. Toni’s work centres on the intersection between development and security in EU external relations, the EU’s role as an international actor and Africa’s regional actorness.

Toni is very excited to be a part of GR:EEN as it offers a unique opportunity to develop some of her own research interests on regional cooperation, particularly security cooperation in EU-Africa relations, while exploring the broader role of the EU in global governance. Toni’s intellectual development will benefit substantively from working with international partners.