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European Actor-Networks in a Multi-Polar World: Stocktaking and Theory

Coordinated by Professor Leonard Seabrooke of the Copenhagen Business School, GR:EEN work package one (WP1) will develop a series of stocktaking, mapping, theory building, and case study integrity activities to identify and map European governance networks in the public and private sectors, as well as EU commitment with international organisations and transnational networks.

WP1 will then proceed to clarify and compare how experimentalist governance functions within the identified European networks. In particular, the analysis will include how to build successful environments for mutual learning, and identify weakness and gaps in existing knowledge. This knowledge will then be used to assess how the EU networks can engage global networks within a multi-polar world and examine the conditions of different environments for experimentalist governance; this includes differentiating the role of networks as structures within the European context and EU networks as actors within a multi-polar world.

Finally, the objective of WP1 will be to develop knowledge for evidence-based policy-making, including the integration of scholars with practitioners through closed-door briefings.

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