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The Role of Regional Leadership in Multi-Polarity: The EU, the Americas, Asia, Africa & the Pacific

Coordinated by Prof. L. Van Langenhove, the aim work package three (WP3) is to better understand the relationship between regional leaders and multi-polarity. A main objective is to map and analyse regional leaderships through indicators that take account of key political, economic and military trends. This activity will also assist in assessing the effects of regional leaderships on the evolution of transnational networks.

This mapping exercise represents the starting point for a further analysis of the role of such leaders at both regional and global levels and especially their interactions with the EU. It is also fundamental for developing the evaluation of EU relations with evolving networks from other regions--potential symbols of regional leaders’ influence.

Finally, through a process of meta-analysis, WP3 will endeavour to draw some comparative conclusions about the characteristics of regional leadership, a range of different issue areas and cross-regional contexts.

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