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Impact and Dissemination

As an integrated research and dissemination programme, GR: EEN aims at informing a wide public and private sector policy community about its findings.

Read about the impact work we have done so far.

ISPI - the oldest Italian think thank and a leading institution in the management of events involving political personalities - leads GR: EEN work package eight (WP8) and Dr. A. Villafranca coordinates the dissemination process. Among GR: EEN members, each of whom contributes actively to the dissemination, ISPI partners in implementing WP8 strategy are the University of Warwick and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. To ensure GR: EEN has a significant impact on decision-making processes, WP8 activities intend to:

  • Engage and raise awareness among the targeted political actors and stakeholders
  • Translate research analysis in policy recommendations
  • Be coherent with the relevant EU policies in the fields and period covered by this project.

Impact and dissemination activities will be targeted not only at institutional actors at various levels, but also at non-institutional actors (transnational policy networks, including business community, civil society, NGOs). In particular, since WP8 acts as the dissemination and policy interaction vehicle for the whole of the GR: EEN project, its activities relates to a Political Context Analysis that includes the following two actions

  1. Identification of stakeholders and key policy-makers: relevant institutional and non-institutional actors that affect policy processes will be mapped.
  2. Creation of a Functional Calendar (FC) taking into account the main steps of the European policy processes for the period covered by the Project.

Building on the results of the Political Context Analysis, this work package will pursue a multidimensional dissemination strategy that involves a range of means such as newsletter website, public events, workshops, publications and a variety of activities tailored on the specific target group it intends to reach. Five key components, in detail, distinguish GR:EEN dissemination process:

  1. Scholarly and Policy Focused Publication
  2. Dissemination of results via conferences, workshops and policy seminars
  3. Dissemination of findings via newsletters and official GR:EEN website
  4. Policy Impact and Stakeholder Interests
  5. Doctoral Training, coordinated by ULB, Belgium

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