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CSGR Working Paper Series

Notification of closure of series

Please note that the CSGR working paper series has been closed for new submissions. CSGR has stopped publishing working papers, reflecting changes in academic publishing such as online first publication and the availability of pre-print copies via institutional repositories.

CSGR Working Paper Series

1998-2017 | ISSN 2513-9053

Highlights from the GR:EEN Working Papers series

Leonard Seabrooke & Ole Jacob Sending:
Open Systems of International Organization
GR:EEN Working Paper No. 51

James Brassett, Ben Richardson, & William Smith:
Democratic Pathways to Global Governance: Experimentalism, Markets, and Biofuel Regulation
GR:EEN Working Paper No. 50

Geoffrey R.D. Underhill:
The emerging post-crisis financial architecture: how far has reform gone?
GR:EEN Working Paper No. 46

Megan Dee:
The 9th WTO Ministerial Conference: A Victory for the WTO But What Next?
GR:EEN Working Paper No. 45

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2015-2017 CSGR Working Papers

Jacob A. Hasselbalch:
The European Politics of Brain Drain: A Fast or Slow-Burning Crisis?
CSGR Working Paper No. 285/17

James Harrison, Ben Richardson, Liam Campling,
Adrian Smith, & Mirela Barbu:
Taking Labour Rights Seriously in Post-Brexit Trade Agreements: Protect, Promote, Empower
CSGR Working Paper No. 284/17

Peter Burnell:
International Political Party Support By ‘Bad Guys’
CSGR Working Paper No. 283/17

Matthias Kranke:
From Forum Shopping to Forum Shaping: An Overlooked Form of International Organisation Power
CSGR Working Paper No. 282/17

Lai-Ha Chan & Pak K. Lee:
Power, Ideas and Institutions: China’s Emergent Footprints in Global Governance of Development Aid
CSGR Working Paper No. 281/17

Richard Higgott:
Regional Worlds, Regional Institutions: Towards the Regional Economic Institutionalisation of East Asia?
CSGR Working Paper No. 280/16

Shogo Suzuki:
Will the AIIB Trigger Off a New Round of Rivalry in Economic Diplomacy Between China and Japan?
CSGR Working Paper No. 279/15

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