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WP 6

WP 6: Assessing the economic implications of different models for implementing the requirement to protect plant varieties


Objective: The objective of this Workpackage is to assess the effectiveness of the regulatory measures employed by EU candidate countries and developing countries to implement Article 27.3(b) as it relates to the protection of plant varieties. The analysis treats plant variety protection as not being an end in itself but as part of a larger policy framework related to economic growth in the agricultural sector. In addition, ‘effectiveness’ is considered from multiple perspectives and not only as a requirement for compliance with international agreements. It will achieve this assessment by conducting country case studies of the impact of plant variety protection and related regulations in selected candidate and developing countries. Further details about the research programme are available here.

The reports and country case studies are available here:

  • Work package report
  • Country case studies: Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Turkey

The field-work based study of Kenya conducted by CSGR/Warwick was presented at a workshop in Nairobi that was hosted and organised by the African Centre for Technology Studies ( The programme and a report of the workshop are available here.